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College Physics 10th Edition Serway And Vuille Pdf Download 2022 [New]




Senior Producer: Mike Topping. Senior Editor: John Schwan. Editor: Mark Codell. Updated: October 23, 2012. Published by Pearson (P)2010. Page Numbers Contents History of Physics Although the need for a satisfactory history of physics is scarcely less than that for a satisfactory history of astronomy, the need for an adequate philosophical account of the various fields of physics is also significant. A useful history of physics must not only provide a good account of the theories of physics, but must also provide an adequate account of the philosophy of science that has guided these developments. The early chapters of this volume attempt to provide the reader with a satisfactory history of modern physics. Many of the more important developments in theoretical physics, and the place of quantum theory in the story of modern physics, are covered. The focus in the first two chapters is on the early foundations of physics: on the emergence of mathematics and the role of Galileo and Newton in this history. The next four chapters discuss the major developments that have occurred in modern physics since Newton. The history of relativity theory, quantum theory and the quantum revolution (what is often referred to as "quantum theory") are the major subjects covered. A brief chapter on the study of time in physics is included as well. This text does not attempt to present a "cradle-to-grave" history of modern physics. The goal of the volume is not to provide a detailed account of modern physics and a complete history of the subject, but to provide the reader with the most important developments, with historical, philosophical, and scientific analyses, and with a clear conception of the place of modern physics in the history of modern science. This approach is in contrast to the approach taken by some authors, who provide a general history of modern physics or, in some cases, even attempt to trace the development of a scientific discipline (e.g., David Bohm, The Undivided Universe, Perseus Publishing, 1993, Brian Greene, The Fabric of the Cosmos, Knopf, New York, 1993, or Michael Gray, The Inner Universe, Oxford University Press, 1988). This history is a thoroughly comprehensive account of modern physics. It covers the major developments and attempts to analyze the reason for their success or failure. The historical



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College Physics 10th Edition Serway And Vuille Pdf Download 2022 [New]

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